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If you’re sat at your desk right this second, working hard and doing an amazing job, stop what you’re doing and take a look around the office. What do you see? You see colleagues, comrades, friends, leaders, challengers, mentors. It’s your team! It is the teams we work in that make our tasks, our daily work experiences, our jobs what they are.

Here at BlueSky Experiences, we understand the significance and power of developing exceptional teams and we are expert at helping you create environments where the teams you lead or work in achieve results, and do it all with a smile on your face!  Whether you are based in London, Manchester, Edinburgh or Glasgow our indoor and outdoor activities can meet all your objectives from fun through to collaborative or competitive programmes.

Want to feel like The A Team?


Of course you do, and we’ll help you get there! We offer team building activities that offer long-lasting benefits to any team. Strengthened relationships, new ideas, empowered teams and job satisfaction are just a few examples of the benefits seen by teams who have spent time with BlueSky. It’s an opportunity for teams to celebrate their many achievements.

In a different environment, away from the workplace, relationships and friendships grow through teams having fun together. Job satisfaction increases and employees feel valued and rewarded by their employers through team building. Its powerful stuff, and we’ll help you channel your A Team.

Here’s some ideas…

BlueSky Experiences offers a range of team building activities, all designed to help develop your team in a fun, relaxing and inspiring environment. Our activity list is flexibly long and we can guarantee there will an experience to suit the needs of your team. Each activity will help to develop specific team skills. Here are a few examples:

BlueSky Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts make excellent Team Building activities. They provide a great chance to get your team together in an active, fun and competitive environment, breathe some fresh air and increase their motivation and interaction. BlueSky have a wide range of Treasure Hunt options available, each of which can be tailored to suit your specific needs at venues throughout the UK.


The Big Picture

An experience that unites teams and helps individuals understand how they fit into the Big Picture. This activity is designed for maximum team interaction, encompassing all ages and physical abilities. Your team's communication, initiative, time management and project management skills will be tested in a fun and creative environment.


Trust Zone

One of our most popular activities and one we can take to you, as its delivery is completely mobile. As you’d expect, the Trust Zone is comprised of team building and development activities that focus on trust and support, communications skills and collaboration.


These are just a few of our team building activities. Find out more about our extensive range of activities here

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