Innovation or Creative Thinking

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  • The team will understand the environment required to promote innovation
  • You will see team members in a different light
  • Different people will step up

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Does your team have the creative juices?

The ability for a team to be innovative and use creative thinking is vital in today’s fast moving marketplace: standing still is simply not an option. However, how can you be sure that your team environment is conducive to creative thought and supportive of innovative ideas?

Being innovative is not about becoming the next James Dyson, but about making time for consideration such as:

  • What exactly are we trying to improve?
  • What would a successful change/innovation look and feel like in the organisation.
  • How effective are your team’s operating processes and communications?
  • How could we implement this change cost effectively
  • How can we be sure to embed the changes?
  • What would the expected result be?
  • How will we monitor success?

Many people are wary of change and therefore an innovative and collective communication plan will also be required to communicate this change.

We have a number of team working activities that focus on the importance of problem solving and brainstorming as a team and these can be incorporated into a Team Solutions programme. Whilst individuals and teams are working on the projects the importance of brainstorming as a team will be highlighted.

After the event, the team’s actions will be reviewed and the facilitators will open discussions on how they can improve when they come to tackle their next challenge and most importantly what innovations and changes they are going to commit to on returning to work.

Innovation or Creative Thinking Activities

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