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  • Team leaders become more aware of the importance of setting SMART Goals
  • Engaging in discussing the goal through feedback
  • A clear stretch goal can lead to increased performance

Setting goals is regonised as a vital part of achieving success

Having the ability to set clear goals and take appropriate feedback motivates teams. Working towards a goal is a major source of motivation- which in turn will improve performance. Studies have shown that the more difficult and specific a goal is, the harder people tend to work to achieve it.

The leading research on Goal setting was done by Dr Edwin Locke and Dr Gary Latham and their theory developed Five Guiding Principles that can improve our chances of success:





5.Task complexity.

The BlueSky Team Solutions will look at each of these elements, and explore how you can apply them to your personal goals and to your team's objectives. These activities are fun, engaging and competitive. They are designed to test your teams' working ability, whilst increasing their urgency and morale. 

As a conclusion to the programme facilitators will open discussions on how the team can capture the learning's from the day and how the team will commit and implement their learning's back to the workplace.

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