Building Bridges

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"Thanks for a successful training event! Building Bridges replicated our current office environment enabling BlueSky's facilitator, working in partnership with us, to successfully address the real issues facing the team."

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  • Min 20 people
  • Max 60 people
  • Indoors
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving

Working in a successful team involves the bringing together of many personalities, ideas and opinions. There isn’t an effective team in the land that doesn’t have a balance of characters. We often find there’s a creative thinker and someone who is the voice of reason. They are both very different, but equally important to the effective running of a successful team.

Because of this diversity in the workplace, we have to work at maintain and developing our team dynamics. Drawing on a rich variety of resources, this unique experiential learning exercise explores the dynamics within and between teams, and promotes better co-operation and collaboration.

During this Team Building exercise your team will be immersed into realistic and relatable business scenarios to test which key issues and behaviours come to the fore. Through the exercise you will develop closer bonds with colleagues with a heavy dose of fun along the way. 


  • Creative a non-competitive, collaborative experience
  • Identify issues and behaviours that can inhibit team work
  • Encourage effective communication
  • Practice problem solving skills


  • Identifies key issues and behaviours to work on
  • Creates stronger bonds between team members
  • Develops sharper team working skills
  • Improves time management & problem solving skills
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