Team Communication Skills

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  • Awareness of the environment required for effective communication
  • Understanding you must adapt your communications to be effective
  • Promoting different styles helping the team embrace diversity

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Explore your team's communication skills

Communication is arguably one of the most important aspects of what makes a team perform well and one which all our clients come to us looking to improve. All team working tasks obviously require good communication, however we have a number of activities that have been specifically designed to focus on the different ways people communicate and how they can do so more effectively.

The Communication Team Solutions programme will highlight the following requirements of effective communication:

  • The importance of active and empathetic listening skills
  • Understanding peoples different approaches to a task 
  • The willingness to adapt your communication style depending on who you are communicating with.
  • The necessity to be clear and concise
  • The creation by the team of a common approach and language

The activities below will focus on the communication between team members as well as inter team communications supporting the breakdown of silo mentality. Demonstrating the importance of communicating and sharing knowledge to their combined success.

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