Collaboration within and between teams

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  • The benefits of sharing knowledge will be promoted
  • The team will be aligned with a common approach
  • Communication strategies will be implemented

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How effectively does you team collaborate?

Having the ability to work effectively as one collective unit, all pulling in the same direction is one of the elements that helps to make a good team great. Inter team collaboration is the most common reason given for poor organisational performance - Silo Mentality - the inability to communicate effectively between teams, when team’s become inwardly focused and resist sharing information and resources with other teams within the organisation.

Silo mentality can occur in any size of organisation or department. This area of team effectiveness is often viewed as the most challenging. However if a leadership team within an organisation is viewed as high performing and demonstrates an environment that people would wish to replicate this is a good starting point to improve inter team relationships.

All functions of high performance are intrinsically linked together and no more so when trying to break down silo mentality. Improvements in operating procedures of an organisation will make a big difference to the inter team relationships and allow for the development of stronger relationships across the organisation.

At BlueSky Experiences we have designed team building and development programmes using a mix of behavioural styles and experiential learning activities. This combination of behavioural styles and hands-on practice with experiential activities is proving very successful with our clients, meeting their expectations and evidencing a return on investment.

Our collaborative activities are designed to encourage all members of your team to work together to achieve a common goal. These activities are non-competitive and have a focus on teamwork.Working collaboratively helps unify teams and create a strong work ethic and team culture.

Groups will return to the workplace with more confidence in one another, creating a more productive, enjoyable workplace atmosphere.

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