The Trust Zone

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  • Min 10 people
  • Max 200 people
  • Outdoors
  • Trust/Support
  • Communication
  • Effective Teamwork

Trust and support will be required for success

The Trust Zone is comprised of team building & development activities that have been inspired by our low ropes course. In response to demand, the Trust Zone makes these activities mobile, allowing us to deliver the same quality team building at locations to suit you.

Incorporating activities such as Spider's Web, Trust Lean, Postman's Walk and Blocked, a culture of trust and support is encouraged as members of your team learn to support and motivate each other as they work to complete the tasks.

The Trust Zone primarily focuses on trust and support. However, the activities are also designed to draw out communication skills, encourage collaboration as team members strive to complete activities and highlight the importance of working as a team.


  • Have some fun as a team
  • Build on your trust and support mechanisms
  • Develop stronger relaltionships within the team


  • Get to know your team better
  • Demonstrate real support in some challenging tasks
  • Build team spirirt
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