Operation Crosswire

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  • Min 10 people
  • Max 120 people
  • Outdoors
  • Competitive
  • Problem Solving
  • Effective Teamwork

Operation Crosswire

Operation Crosswire is a fun-filled challenge that lets you think creatively and work as a team.

Teams of 5-6 members compete against each other in pursuing intriguing missions in a location of your choice. 

Carefully selected to blow the minds of your team, each mission is communicated through a tablet.  Take pictures, solve puzzles, find objects, use your creativity and beat the other teams by prioritising the various missions!  Because the missions vary so much everyone on the team will have a chance to contribute.

We can incorporate questions from your business into this format which will allow your teams to get thinking & provide valuable input that can easily be reviewed.



  • Using the latest technology to find the hidden secrets
  • Problem solving to decipher the clues
  • Delegates have to communicate to coordinate each other’s actions
  • Team fun in a competitive environment


  • Inspire creativity
  • Increases group communication and decision making
  • Following challenges motivates and rewards team persistence
  • Fun and excitement for a fully energised and exhilarated team!
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