The Trust Zone

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"It brought the new team together and helped each of us through our fears. We discovered skills we didn't know we had!"

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  • Min 10 people
  • Max 100 people
  • Indoors
  • Trust/Support
  • Communication

The Trust Zone

It seems like a simple question. Do you trust your colleagues? Sure, you trust each other to complete tasks, help each other out with challenges you face in a work scenario and support each other. But… what about in a life or death situation?

Okay, The Trust Zone doesn’t put you in life or death situations. It does involve a series of tasks, including Spider’s Web, Trust Lean, Postman’s Walk and Blocked, which are designed to make you work as a strong, supportive and motivational team where you have to develop a high level of trust with each other.

Comprised of team building and development activities that have been inspired by our low ropes course, The Trust Zone is one of most popular activities. In response to demand, BlueSky now offer The Trust Zone’s activities anywhere, so we can bring these quality team building tasks to you!


  • To develop a culture of support within a team
  • Communicate effectively
  • Harness leadership and problem skills
  • Use imagination to deliver results
  • Complete the tasks with the help and support of all members of the team


  • An effective ice breaker for teams
  • Motivates teams
  • Improves communication
  • Develops a strong team spirit
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Highlights importance of teamwork to all
  • Can be experienced by all, regardless of age or physical ability
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