Inside The Puzzle Zone

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"Excellent fun. We left for BlueSky almost in silence, but returned home with an excited hum of happiness. Thanks a lot"

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  • Min 10 people
  • Max 200 people
  • Indoors
  • Problem Solving
  • Trust/Support
  • Communication

Inside The Puzzle Zone

We all love a tricky brainteaser from time to time.  One that stimulates, challenges and inspires you.  Well, this team building session is designed to do all these things, while working together as a team.  Featuring "life-size" brainteaser puzzles, these mind-benders will push your team's combined brain power to the limits.  It's challenging, but lots of fun at the same time.

A bit of a sister, indoor option to our Ultimate Puzzle Zone session, here teams will discover their strengths as well as understand their limitations better in an environment that will bring people together and celebrate communication and teamwork.

Also, brilliantly, while this is a challenging session, anyone can take part whether you're young or older and regardless of physical ability.  So, there's no excuse - you're all going to join in and have a ball in the process.


  • Discover team strengths & limitations working under pressure
  • Create an experience of success
  • Use communication skills
  • Build relationships
  • Get creative juices flowing


  • Team will feel energised
  • Maximises interaction
  • Stimulating experience
  • Encourages decision making
  • Fun experience
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