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  • Min 6 people
  • Max 50 people
  • Indoors
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Teamwork


You are the board of medium sized fashion brand in a highly competitive segment of the market.  You have an important order to fill but your entire logistics department have jumped ship to a competitor, leaving you to plan the production and fill the order before the Deadline ..

Deadline is an exhilarating, face-paced team activity which is run from our Samsung Galaxy tablets.  This will test even the most effective teams and will draw out key learnings that can be taken back to the workplace. 

Each team has access to a lot of information, such as transportation schedules, raw material, prices, production schedules and more.  The work is under intense time pressure and just to make things more complicated, each team's table keeps updating them on events which affect their decisions - floods, strikes and trade wars, to name a few!  Deadline is an intellectual challenge that brings out laughter while creating a great team spirit!


  • Effectively communicate the importance of clear objectives
  • Fun engaging learning experience
  • Planning and communication is essential throughout


  • Great activity for analyzing different roles within the team
  • Collaborative working is essential to succeed
  • Take away the learnings from this activity and implement in the workplace
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