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  • Min 10 people
  • Max 1000 people
  • Outdoors
  • Indoors
  • Competitive
  • Team Fun

Code Hunt

Get your delegates up on their feet for a fast and energizing treasure hunt style event  

Treasure Hunts have always been one of the most popular corporate events. Now we have developed some of the most inspiring and ingenious treasure hunts using Samsung Galaxy Tablets. The Code hunt is a great energiser for your team to break up an all day conference, allowing them to take part in a great fun activity, flexible enough to be based in rural areas or in and around busy cities or totally indoors.

If you’re looking for an activity that will get your team thinking, then look no further the BlueSky Experiences Code Hunt. Designed as a fun way to break up a conference or as an afternoon adventure, Code Hunt will have delegates searching high and low for hidden codes. Each code unlocks a trivia question or brain teaser to ensure teams use a unique mix of skills: mental, tactical and knowledge. The more codes a team find, the more questions they get to answer and the more points they can win!

This fully interactive treasure hunt takes place on new Samsung Galaxy Tablets and is a fantastic activity for delegates to energise teams and develop their skills. With live-mapping available, Code Hunt can be set up at any venue and any city across the UK.


  • Code Hunt is the perfect in between activity for your team to break up a day and give them something different to work with
  • In the game, participants are challenged to find codes that are hidden inside and outside the meeting venue
  • Each code is entered into a Smartphone and triggers a trivia question or brain teaser for the team to solve
  • The more codes you find, the greater your chance of solving more questions and beating your colleagues!


  • Our entire portfolio of Smartphone treasure hunts are easy to set up for small group sizes and can be tailored to any venue
  • They will ensure that they will be fully involved and on level terms, regardless of their abilities
  • The unique mix of mental, tactical and knowledge based challenges in a competitive environment will also ensure the team will be fully energized and exhilarated on their return to the office
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