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  • Min 10 people
  • Max 500 people
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Collaboration

Blue Beat

A hugely entertaining and fun energiser

Designed for complete beginners - this is a fun musical event that everyone can enjoy. Body precussion in pairs breaks the ice, then the team learn to dance and drum Samba style on authentic instruments.

Imagine a team building experience where you dance and learn to use samba drums? That’s what our Blue Beat activity is all about. An energetic musical activity that will bring your team together in a unique, non-competitive way with light-hearted fun at the very heart of the experience.

This team building activity is designed for complete beginners, so you don’t have to be musical at all to join in and try out some rhythmical challenges. Blue Beat starts with body percussion in pairs to break the ice early on. Then, using authentic samba instruments, participants will learn to dance and drum together.

This is definitely an all-out fun activity that will take teams into a completely new scenario, helping many to ‘let loose’ and overcome inhibitions – and one they will remember for a long time.



  • The Blue Beat is designed purely for fun, and works to energise and promote interaction at all levels in the team


  • Employees have the chance to form new friendships and relationships as they try something that few will have done before
  • he cooperation and concentration used during the activity will leave them energised, uninhibited and ready for the rest of their team building day!
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