Facilitated Team Building

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  • Identify the values, skills and standards that the team works with
  • Learn to appreciate the responsibilities and rewards of being part of a team
  • The chance to familiarise yourself with various models of teamwork
  • Understanding of the development process that teams go through as they mature and grow

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Get the most from your teams

Team building activities are designed to be a fun way of engaging your team and provide invaluable benefits to staff development. If you’re looking to get the most out of team building activities, here at BlueSky Experiences we offer a unique Facilitated Team Building programme that will help build on the values, behaviours and expectations that help teams function effectively in your business environment.

Unique mix of activities

We’ll start by doing a needs analysis to help gain an understanding of your team building objectives. This enables us to create a bespoke programme of activities that will be best suited to the individual needs identified. Our BlueSky Experiences Facilitated Team Building package uses a mix of our unique practical and theory-based activities, designed to develop your teams’ values, behaviours and expectations in a fun, yet effective, way.  

With a mix of experiential learning exercises and tasks that are then constructively reviewed by the team in some facilitated feedback sessions, your team building will be able to focus on specific goals, empowering your team with a confidence and new skill set to be more efficient and effective in your business environment.

Do it the BlueSky way

At BlueSky Experiences, we’ll work together with you to design, develop and deliver a Facilitated Team Building programme that will get teams thinking. By working in close collaboration and partnership with you, the day will be tailored to the business objectives that are most important. Your team will get to know each other’s strengths and will leave feeling comfortable that diversity is valued and understood within the work environment.


Facilitated Team Building Activities

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