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Engagement at every level...

An effective way to ensure that all of your colleagues are engaged is to implement the Total Quality Model. The Total Quality Model is based on the European Foundation of Quality management and it is designed to help employees to consistently improve the quality of the service and products that are offered. It also gives employees a chance to develop themselves and enhance their contribution to an organisation.

Quality Management places quality at the heart of all business decision making and at the forefront of the workforce’s minds. It’s great for customer-driven roles and allows for many opportunities for individuals and teams to flourish. 

From ordinary to extraordinary…

At BlueSky, we run a one-day introduction to the Total Quality Model, that we developed ourselves, with the aim to help employees grasp the main techniques and tools to employ effective Quality Management in the work place. We also can tailor the introduction to specifically reflect your team and business requirements.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Practise some of the tools and techniques that can be used in problem solving
  • Identify those processes within your work area that could be improved
  • Identify your customer-supplier chain and what is meant by the “Moment of Truth”
  • Define quality
  • Explain why quality is important within your organisation
  • Explain the importance of effective communication in achieving quality
  • Explain the benefits of working in teams
  • Develop an action plan for improving quality within your work area

 “Quality is not an act; it is a habit” - Aristotle


  • Helping organisations improve quality in service and products
  • Help employees develop and enhance their contribution to the organisation.


  • Bring Quality Management to the workplace
  • Understand the importance of problem solving and effective communication in quality management
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