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Let’s understand the facts…

We all know how to do our job; we do it every day. Although how many of us know everything about the organisation we are working for? Would you really know how to explain it to a stranger? Completing daily tasks might be second nature to you, but do you know the purpose, strategy, vision or values of your company. Do you know the ‘why’?

There are many things about our organisations we should know, from the work culture and stakeholder relationships, to the skillset of the people working internally.  Through organisational analysis, you will be able to take your knowledge and learn everything you can about where you work. This will help enhance your performance and the performance of the organisation you work for.

Time to be an expert…

BlueSky Experiences has developed a course that will help you to develop effective organisational analysis tools. We can design and implement personalised interventions to help analyse different elements of your organisation.

We use a range of techniques including one to one conversations, working in groups and using questionnaires to get to the heart of your organisation to help provide an impartial and objective view. If you are a manager, this course will also be beneficial as it will help you to identify problems in all the areas of your organisation and equip you with the tools to create an action plan.

After completing this course, you will be more in tune with your own company and being able to see the overall vision or ‘bigger picture.’ Something that can be difficult to see when you’re working hard from day-to-day.


No matter what business you are in, everyone in the organisation needs to know why” - Frances Hesselbein


  • Enabling you to enhance your performance and that of the organisation


  • Impartial and objective understanding
  • Helping you see the bigger picture
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