Management Effectiveness

Becoming an Effective Manager

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Bridging the skills gap…

The art of managing people is not something that can be developed overnight. Some take many years to hone their management style, so when a promotion leads to suddenly managing a team of people, many new managers find this a very familiar challenge.

High achievers can have a rapid acceleration into a managerial role with exceptional technical or operational skills to boot. The challenge in this scenario is picking up managements skills that require a different set of skills and behaviours. This is where BlueSky can help bridge that skills gap with our Management Effectiveness programmes, which gives participants the chance to explore management theories and practice techniques – all in a fun, inspiring and experiential way.

From novice to empowered manager…

By the end of the programme, a novice manager will be prepared to get back to work and put what they’ve learned into practice. The key aim of this course is to give inexperienced managers the confidence to manage people, and manage them well.

Our course empowers managers to build effective teams, discover their own personal management styles, learn how to delegate and explore ways to motivate teams. The result? An inspired new manager who has the confidence to lead from the front.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify your role as leader and manager
  • Describe & practice communication strategies
  • Adopt an appropriate leadership style
  • Build an effective team
  • Explain and put into practice the main motivation theories
  • Delegate to team members
  • Manage change effectively
  • Practise your team leadership & management skills through a series of practical exercises
  • Commit to further development of your team leadership & management skills through personal action plans


  • Learn management theories and practice the techniques
  • Help new managers develop the appropriate management style
  • Commit to your own leadership and management development plan


  • Giving inexperienced managers the confidence to manage people well.
  • Empowers managers to build effective teams
  • The result will be an inspired manager to lead from the front
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