Communicating Difficult Messages

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Finding your own communications style…

Delivering difficult messages to teams is one of the most challenging tasks faced by any manager. Most would admit they would choose to deliver good news over bad every single time. You are not alone in finding these moments demanding. BlueSky Experiences can help you develop your own communications style to help you face these difficult communications with strength, control and professionalism.

Practicing your approach…

Our one-day training course aims to ensure you will be ready for all situations, so you can be sure you have handled a difficult message with confidence and that it has been understood and accepted. 

During the course, BlueSky Experiences will help you recognise the many factors that can make certain communications tricky and how to overcome these barriers. You will experience a range of tips & techniques to explain the negative behaviour of others, consider ‘what’s in it for them’ and practice delivering your difficult messages in a positive manner. In this case, practicing is key. 

On completion of this training you will be able to:-

  • Practice these techniques
  • Identify the strengths you bring to these difficult situations
  • Explain what situations you find difficult and why
  • Describe a variety of techniques you can use to make communicating in these situations easier (Communication Skills, Transactional Analysis, 6As, Three Greeks, Positive Language, FAB, Force Field Analysis)
  • Prepare an Action Plan to enable you to confidently Communicate Difficult Messages

“Don’t shoot the messenger” - Henry IV, Part 2, William Shakespeare


  • Learn the strengths that you can bring to this difficult situation.
  • Understand and discuss the situations you will find difficult
  • Develop a plan to communicate the difficult message with confidence


  • Developing skills to communicate difficult news with confidence
  • Learn how to overcome personal barriers with tips and techniques
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