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I just wanted to thank you for putting together the 2-day event we had at St Andrews and specially for the hugely successful outcome. I benefited significantly from those two days and I am definitely utilizing what I learnt.

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How to be a leader that inspires…

There is a reason we offer people help to become the best managers they can be. Leading is NOT easy and requires a lot of skill, patience and confidence to be effective. To quote one effective leader, President John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

Here at BlueSky Experiences, we have worked with Insights Discovery to deliver a bespoke programme where managers can develop their leadership skills using the Insights Discovery’s personality profiling tool and language.  

Learn more about your leadership style…

After participating in this programme, you will be energised to take your experiences and implement what you’ve learned in the work place. Importantly, the aim of this course is to make leaders more effective in their roles, more engaging, productive, strong and inspirational as managers.  

This course is designed to enable you to understand more about your leadership style, through analysing your skills and behaviours. We know it’s a challenge to hold a mirror being up to your professional self, but understanding what makes you tick will be beneficial in the long term. BlueSky also offer coaching support after the event, to help leaders implement what they’ve learned.

On this course you will learn about the following:


  • The theory behind appropriate leadership
  • What do Leaders do compared to managers? Which role do they need to use?
  • A case study to add some context, with reflective learning

Insights Discovery

  • Learning to adapt to others
  • Exploring and understanding yourself
  • Recognising and appreciating others’ differences
  • A plan of action – it’s time to get cracking!

Leadership skills & behaviours

  • Team development
  • Leading change
  • Delivering difficult Interviews
  • Motivating individuals and the team
  • Communicating with the team
  • Feedback & dealing with conflict
  • Developing Coaching skills
  • Delegation skills
  • Inspiring your Team
  • Action Planning


  • Become a more effective leader with improved skills of engaging and inspiring your team
  • Recognise your leadership style and the impact that has
  • Create a leadership action plan building on your strengths and developing your weaknesses


  • Leaders will consider their personal style and the impact that has on the people they lead
  • Learn how to adapt their style to better connect and lead their people
  • Develop a style that embraces a culture of giving and recieving feedback
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