Discovery Full Circle

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  • Min 4 people
  • Max 12 people
  • Indoors
  • Communication
  • Trust/Support
  • Effective Teamwork

Discovery Full Circle

Adding another layer…

Add more layers to your Insights Discovery programme by undertaking BlueSky Experiences’ Insights Discovery Full Wheel course. You will work with your peers to evaluate the perception they have of you, helping to develop your self-awareness and this, combined with the Insights Personal Profile, will give you a deeper understanding of your personal style, approach and impact in the working environment.

Full circle back into the workplace…

During this course you will be asked to complete the 25-frame Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile and join a feedback group with you colleagues, team or managers. Your peers will be invited to complete a 10-frame Evaluator and will have an opportunity to provide additional comments, which can be named or anonymous. As well your personal profile, BlueSky Experiences will provide you with a learning guide that will allow you to engage fully with the profile.

A combined, in depth profile…

This experience will allow leaders and team members to explore feedback in a positive and interactive way. The combined profile and learning guide will also allow for a speedier and more effective transition into the work environment. This course offers a positive and discursive way for employees and employers to learn about themselves and how they impact the work environment.

Team leaders and members will leave with the following;

  • A non-threatening and positive framework for discussing personal and team development
  • A new level of self-understanding
  • A fresh insight into themselves and their impact on others
  • Profile Companion Learning Guide that enhances the individual and team learning experience

“The wheel is come full circle” – William Shakespeare

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