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    Taking Stock ...

    Sometimes we get stuck in a cycle and need to take time to reflect on where we are and consider where we want to be.  Coaching is often used to complement other training and development initiatives and here at BlueSky Experiences we offer bespoke coaching based on the Insights Discovery programme.  Undertaking a coaching session using Insights Discovery is designed to help you develop an awareness of all aspects of your personal and professional development, providing you with clarity on what path you should be heading along.

    Confidence to take control ...

    In order to get the most from coaching, we incorporate the Insights Discovery programme for continued personal development, providing you the confidence and skills to take control of professional and personal challenges.  The six sections are designed to cover all aspects of life, ensuring you get the optimum balance between work and life.

    • Health and Physical Well-Being
    • Relationships
    • Job/Career & Vocation/Contribution/Service
    • Play & Recreation
    • Lifelong Learning
    • Finances

    You'll leave the session having set yourself attainable goals and a personal set of agreements and leave feeling committed to taking the necessary actions to personal fulfilment.

    "People will exceed targets they set themselves" - Gordon Dryden


    • Provide you with clarity on the path you should be taking


    • Develop awareness of all aspects of your personal and professional development
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