Becoming a Learning Organisation

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  • Raised awareness of individual and team behaviour
  • The consciousness to let go of Non-Learning Behaviours and replace with Learning Behaviours
  • To address responsibly immediate team issues
  • To lay the foundation of learning so that future issues are dealt with positively and effectively
  • To become a more Willing Team
  • To become a more Able Team
  • To become a more Allowed Team
  • To become comfortable with change
  • To become ‘consciously and then unconsciously competent about increasing Team performance
  • To achieve complete team buy-in to action plans for positive change
  • To monitor progress with subsequent diagnostics

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A Brand New Team Development Tool

 Leaders of change in any organisation will know that the fundamental factor to success is the ability to adapt and learn through change; embracing it and using it as a mechanism to evolve and innovate. For organisations to learn and change effectively, individuals must be willing, able and allowed to change. Sometimes, harnessing the interaction of these elements in any organisation can be challenging for many reasons.

BlueSky Experiences have partnered with 101 Dimensions ltd. to offer the Becoming a Learning Organisation (B.A.L.O.) method. It is of interest to any teams wishing to enhance performance by enhancing individual and collective learning.


By becoming a ‘Leadership Learning Team’ high performance will naturally follow.

Where the Rate of Learning is > the Rate of Change = survive and perform.


B.A.L.O. understands that the only sustainable way to survive is to always be increasing the rate of learning. B.A.L.O. is a gentle but profound process that leads to transformation and not just improvement or renewal. It is facilitated with sensitivity and with the belief that every human can unleash a learning potential that will always lead to higher and higher performance.




By understanding that Organisational Change is always dependent upon finding balance between these factors i.e. Allowed referring to matters of systems, rules, manager example and time, Able referring to matters of knowledge, skill and attitude, Willing referring to matters of motivation and belief (both conscious and unconscious). Using this language the Diagnostic becomes focused and clear. It then creates the platform for the next stage.



  • To recall learning theory and behavioural change theory
  • To demonstrate the characteristics of a high performing collaborative team
  • To recognise and appreciate the common language of change and learning
  • To become aware of how much of a learning team we are via the QQ questionnaire
  • To take collective responsibility and address the gaps identified in the diagnostic
  • To grasp the idea that learning is always the bottom line
  • To form realistic action plans and take responsibility for their implementation
  • To begin the journey into becoming a fully-fledged Leadership Learning Team
  • To monitor progress both in terms of enhanced learning and enhanced performance


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