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Become a Learning Organisation | BlueSky L&D Workshops

9th April 2019


Leaders in any organisation will know that the fundamental factor to success is the ability to adapt and learn through change; embracing it and using it as a mechanism to evolve and innovate. For organisations to learn and change effectively, individuals must be Allowed, Willing and Able. Sometimes, harnessing the interaction of these elements in any organisation can be challenging for many reasons.

BlueSky Experiences have partnered with 101 Dimensions Ltd. to offer the transformational method of Becoming a Learning Organisation (BALO) and we are holding exclusive Open Days in Scotland and London designed specifically for leaders who influence Team Climate & Organisational Culture.

Benefits of Becoming a Learning Organisation
Raised awareness of individual and team behaviour
The consciousness to let go of Non-Learning Behaviours and replace with Learning Behaviours
To responsibly address immediate team issues
To lay the foundation of learning so that future issues are dealt with positively and effectively
To become a more Allowed, Willing and Able team and organisation
To become comfortable with change
To become consciously and then unconsciously competent about increasing Team performance
To achieve complete team buy-in to action plans for positive change
To monitor progress with subsequent diagnostics

Our Open Day will focus on three areas:
1.       Diagnostic. A pre-event questionnaire will be issued to enable you to identify where you are now. The results will be further explored through facilitated discussion and provision of anonymous examples. These are physically presented under twelve categories, identifying the strengths and development areas in your team and organisation. Experiential learning is then introduced to reveal any underlying issues and identify where you want to be.

2.       Diametric. To agree on how you will get there through facilitated discussion.

3.       Dialog. To review progress towards where you want to be.


Becoming a Learning Organisation, London

Tuesday 9th April, 9am-12.30pm Networking Lunch

Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin St, Belgravia

London, SW1X 7DR

9am-12.30pm followed by a Networking Lunch


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