Whisky Tasting & Ceilidhs

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  • Min 10 people
  • Max 200 people
  • Indoors

Whisky Tasting

Our fun informative whisky tastings can incorporate 3 to 4 whiskies.  Firstly we would take our guests through the whisky manufacturing process.  This is done with the help of our wide selection of whisky props, this clarifies and animates all the information.  We will always offer a variety in our tastings which showcases the diversity in Scotch whisky.

We will entertain and inform you but will not tell you all the facts - just the ones that are interesting - and we will not lecture you on what you must smell or taste, everyone has their own senses.  We are here to share with you a passion and enthusiasm for our national drink, Malt Whisky.

Ceilidh Dancing

Why not also experience our traditional dance. A ceilidh is a traditional Scottish social gathering although in contemporary usage, it usually involves playing Scottish music and dancing.

The tradition of ceilidh dancing has been established across the ages.  It is a great way of getting everyone dancing and interacting with one another in a fun way.

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