Buccleuch Property Challenge

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The Race of a Lifetime

The event consists of about 6 hours of non stop adventure and has been designed in conjunction with BlueSky Experiences not only to test your fitness level but your mind as well.  The course has been created to include different stages including mountain biking, running, orienteering and secret disciplines; the emphasis of the event is team work.  It is definitely not an elite event as we would like to encourage everyone to have a go!

The Challenge is for teams of 3 (mixed teams as well as single sex teams), to travel together through all stages, competing against the clock, and collecting bonuses from the different checkpoints reached.  The team with the most points and fastest time will win the event.  An important part of the event will be to plan your tactics for the day to maximise points collected in the available time and managing your equipment and food intake during the race – we would highly recommend you arrive early to maximise planning time.

There will be 2 entry categories: mixed teams and single sex teams.  The course is designed for everybody from first timers to experienced adventure racers.  This will be a highly rewarding ‘team building’ event held in some of Scotland’s finest scenery.

Drumlanrig Castle

Drumlanrig Castle is the ancestral home of the 10th Duke of Buccleuch and will play host to the Challenge, providing a stunning backdrop to the event.

Surrounded by the 120,000 acre Queensberry Estate, Country Park and Grand Victorian Gardens, Drumlanrig Castle was completed in 1691 by William Douglas, 1st Duke of Queensberry and is one of the first and most important renaissance buildings in the grand manner in Scotland. Steeped in history this unique and historic Scottish Castle, with its magnificent Estate and Gardens offer some of the best sports opportunities in Scotland. For further information please visit http://www.drumlanrigcastle.co.uk/

Drumlanrig Castle’s grounds have been the focus for cyclists of all abilities for many years. Kirkpatrick Macmillan, the inventor of the first bicycle (propelled by pedals), had his first job as a Blacksmith at Drumlanrig where he learned his trade. Soon after his apprenticeship he left and set up in a Smithy in Keir a few miles south of Drumlanrig. It was here he invented his velocipede around 1840 and cycling as we know it today was born.

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