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About Wärtsilä UK

Wärtsilä UK is part of Wärtsilä Corporation, a Finnish engineering company and global leader in life cycle power solution for the marine and energy markets. The UK arm of the company provide products, solutions and services for the shipping and power generation markets. Wärtsilä UK has six sites scattered around the UK, from Aberdeen to Dorset.  

The BlueSky Brief 

Each year Wärtsilä UK gather 36 of is UK staff together for Unite, a meeting of minds and a social gathering for employees who talk on the phone regularly, but rarely see each other. 

Each year Unite has a theme. Through a series of exercises and social events, employees are encouraged to share their ideas on the business, as well as to bond. BlueSky Experiences was briefed to create fun exercises and activities that would serve as ice breakers and team building opportunities.   

BlueSky's Approach 

Through meetings with Wärtsilä management, and in particular Andrew Phillip, operations manager for he propulsion's business, BlueSky designed a menu of team activities to bring the workforce together. 

The event kicked off with the Amalgamation Game Show held at the Macdonald Houstoun House Hotel, where the group was based for the conference. The following day was the main event with a fun team building day at BlueSky Experiences' stunning venue on Bachilton Farm, Methven, Perthshire. The theme for the day was our Raft Building Event. The group was split into teams and tasked with using materials they had earned through the morning's team working activities, such as blank walk blindfold square and many more fun, interactive games. The more points earned on the successful completion of the task, the more building materials were issued.



Teams then had to design and build their rafts so as to complete a timed race across our pond. Time spent making sure the construction and knots were sound was time well spent, as the teams soon learned. You could say Andrew Phillip didn't just tip his toes into the task, as he got really wet. The teams were extremely competitive and shenanigans ensued. Someone tried to cut the rope that was pulling Andrew's team's raft into shore, and he ended up falling in. After drying off and a well-earned barbecue lunch, the groups took part in our Great BlueSky Country Pursuits, including hovercraft's, quad bike trekking, laser clay shooting, sumo wrestling and gladiator duels. 

The Results

  • Fresh ideas for business growth
  • Built stronger relationships within the team
  • Senior Management got to know their team strengths

Some of our employees weren't looking forward to the fun team building day, but we've had fantastic feedback and they want to go again. The ideas that came out of it were very valuable. Management don't and can't come up with all the ideas for the business, so hearing from other employees is a huge bonus.

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