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Since it was formed in 1967, the University of Stirling has gained a reputation as a sporting institution and is recognised as a Tennis Centre of Excellence as well as being home to the National Swimming Academy.

Offering a wide range of modular degree programmes, the mission of the University of Stirling is to pursue research and scholarship at an international level and to provide flexible and innovative programmes of teaching and learning in an attractive and vibrant environment.

Stirling Management School
Stirling Management School provides a vibrant and stimulating community rich in diversity, with staff and students from over 50 countries including over 1,600 students and 100 FTE academic staff, as well as 25 FTE support staff.

The philosophy that effective management can make a positive difference, means the school gets to the heart of what is involved in the management and organisation of a diverse range of activities. Their research, teaching and knowledge exchange activities create significant and lasting impact on people’s everyday lives, through involvement with, and influence on, large and small businesses, public policy, and local and global communities.

The Brief

The Flying Start Leadership Programme
The School required a half-day experiential learning programme for 300 postgraduate students focusing on team dynamics, ensuring that postgraduate students appreciate the importance of effective working relationships in a business and in their project groups, on the various courses.

The intended learning outcomes from the Programme:

  1. To appreciate the importance of communication, trust, and co-operation within a team setting to ensure positive outcomes
  2. To understand what constitutes a high performing team
  3. To understand the need for effective working relationships within a classroom and business environment
  4. To appreciate cultural sensitivities within a team setting and engage in cross-cultural interactions with those who differ from oneself in beliefs, behaviours, values and views.

The Solution

BlueSky Experiences team has a considerable depth of knowledge in designing and delivering experiential learning sessions and the set of activities that were incorporated demonstrated different attributes required within effective team work.

The sessions started with Peoples Bingo which is an icebreaker activity, highlighting knowledge sharing as a vital element of team work. This was then followed by a video of the F1 team demonstrating the importance of team work and stimulating a discussion to the attributes exhibited in the F1 team.

The next two activities Synergy and Spiders Web allow the student group to experience different attributes required in team work such as Trust, Support, Effective Communication, Roles, Team work, the importance of evaluating and then celebrating success.

The half day programme was then completed with a period of reflection on how they performed as individuals and what learning they can take to the year group and project based work.

The Outcome

The result was a commitment from the students to be understanding of the cross cultural sensitivities, embracing this diversity and understanding that the success of all the individuals is linked to the success of project groups they work in and the environment that the whole year group creates.

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