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Talisman Energy Inc. is a global, diversified, upstream oil & gas company, headquartered in Canada. Talisman's three main operating areas are North America, the North Sea and Southeast Asia. The Company also has a portfolio of international exploration opportunities. Talisman is committed to conducting business safely, in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability (North America) Index.

The Brief

BlueSky Experiences were approached by Talisman Energy (UK) for support with a day of experiential learning activities within a three-day programme, for eight cohorts of 30 delegates. The objective of the programme was to integrate 240 delegates, the majority of whom had been contractors to Talisman, as company leadership both on and offshore. 

The specific objective of the experiential learning day was to compliment the work the groups were doing on behavioural styles, reinforcing the learning with some immediate hands-on observations of each other's styles of leadership and team work. These events took place during autumn 2011 at Dunblane Hydro.

The Talisman Team Development Programme

Through a process of in-depth discussion and meetings with the client, BlueSky Experiences developed a programme using Teamscapes experiential learning activities. The Teamscapes activities are particularly well-suited to providing experiential learning activities to support the theory being delivered throughout the programme on behavioural styles using Insights and John Adair's Action Centred Leadership Model.

The Teamscapes Programme

Prior to the start of the activities the scene was set showing a film of a high performing team, the Force India Formula One pit stop team. The groups were then asked to comment on the attributes of high performing teams prior to practicing these on the Teamscapes activities.

Blockheads, Electric Fence and Crossover

These activities are specifically designed to exhibit the natural behaviours of the individuals in the group in a safe and level playing field environment. Intricate in their design so as to test the teams to their full, the activities allow the delegates to review their strengths and weaknesses on the tasks and observe their improvement as a team, as they progress from one activity to the next.

The Key Learnings

The Talisman delegate captured the following key learning's which the attendees committed to action in the work place as Team Leaders and Team Members.

  • Make sure we understand the objective prior to starting a task
  • make a plan and create a strategy for each task or project
  • Nominate a leader or someone to coordinate the communication
  • Make time to reflect and learn during and after the completion of a project
  • Remember to celebrate success keeping team morale and confidence high
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