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Maclay Murray & Spens LLP is one of Scotland's largest commercial law firms, with offices in Edinburgh, London and Aberdeen and headquartered in Glasgow.

The firm operates in many business areas and in 2014, the business employed 412 staff and had a turnover of £43.3m and a profit of £14.2m.

MMS has a very strong identity and awareness of what makes them different from other law firms. Part of this identity is their focus on their quality clients and the appreciation of the trust that the clients empower them with.

The Brief

BlueSky Experiences was approached by Rob Bellis Partnership Secretary and Head of Knowledge, Learning and Development to support him design and implement a company-wide management development programme.

It was felt that the organisation needed to invest in its people’s soft skills at all levels. At the time, the business was led by partners with different skills sets and styles of approaching team work. This gave rise to different environments and cultures in different offices. There needed to be a connect between personal effectiveness, team work and ultimately leadership, to help the business create a common approach across the whole organisation, a cohesive environment allowing for growth in robust and effective relationships within teams, between teams and across the whole organisation i.e. London, Aberdeen Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The MMS Solution

Through a process of in depth discussion and meetings with the client, BlueSky Experiences developed a one day programme, to launch the Language of Insights Discovery and introduce BlueSky Experiences as a support partner in the delivery of the new management development programme. This was to be delivered at the Associate Conference at MMS Glasgow office.

Based on the feedback from this conference, BlueSky Experiences and Rob would further expand the development programme with experiential learning playing a significant role in tandem with Discovery.
The specific aims of the September Development Workshop:

  1. To start the process of building effective relationships within the associate group, improving communication within teams and across the whole organization.
  2. To introduce the language of Discovery to the organization.
  3. To get buy in from the associates that the Discovery tool was effective and worthwhile embracing.
  4. To demonstrate the importance of teamwork, and instilling a culture of knowledge sharing across the organisation.

The conference workshop focused on Personal Effectiveness using Insights Discovery, reminding individuals that everyone sees the world differently. The Insights colour energies help describe the pairings of individual’s attitudinal preferences, simpler to understand and easier to remember, unlike many other models.

As a result, individuals learn to recognize their own traits as well as the traits of their colleagues and adapt their communication accordingly to become more effective.

The conference and Discovery session was a huge success and as result Rob Bellis has now become a client practitioner of Insights Discovery and BlueSky Experiences supports him through distributorship - managing the evaluator process, producing the profiles, mentoring Rob and supporting the design and delivery of the Management Development programme.

Working with James England and his very professional and friendly team at BlueSky is extremely rewarding, from both a personal and corporate point of view. The programmes they ran for us in 2014 were brilliant, with great feedback from those who attended – particularly the sceptics! They have laid a great foundation for us to develop further programmes across all areas of our business. The use of Insights Discovery in particular will bring a common language that should have a significant impact for personal and professional development of individuals and teams.

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