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Lundin is an independent upstream oil and gas company. As an international oil and gas exploration and production company, its aim is it search for and produce oil and gas in the most economically efficient, socially responsible and environmentally acceptable away, for the benefit of shareholders, employees and co-ventures.

Lundin Britain Ltd. approached BlueSky Experiences to organise an event to bring together two teams.

Lundin utilise Petrofac Facilities Management as duty holder/operations contractor for their offshore assets and were in the process of relocating their own and the contractor's staff into one office and were keen for a team building event to introduce and integrate the two teams.

The Team Building Event

The brief stated that the event had to take place in the company's new offices in Aberdeen.

The client moved in to their brand new office accommodation in the morning and to celebrate this, BlueSky organised for their people to take part in a collaborative and creative afternoon team building session.

BlueSky created bespoke activities that would help the newly merged team understand the key business goals and objectives. Following lunch the staff were divided in to ten teams of ten and went on a 'mini orienteering course' where they had to work together and find their way through various checkpoints throughout the new office to collect BlueSky dollars rewards.

Once this was completed the teams used their BlueSky dollars to buy artistic materials to help them create 'The Big Picture'. 'The Big Picture' is a highly creative and interactive activity that teams work through to complete a visual representation of the client's vision or strategy. BlueSky design and develop the image of The Big Picture in close collaboration with the client prior to the event (however, on the day the participants do not know what the Big Picture looks like until they have completed it).

Teams were tasked with creating and designing their individual pieces of 'The Big Picture'. Throughout this creative session, communication is encouraged between individuals and teams to ensure that the whole group are using complementary painting techniques. Once all the pieces of the image are complete the group are then tasked with the construction of The Big Picture. This enhances leadership, collaboration and communication within a large group as well as reinforcing the set business objectives for the team building event.

BlueSky did an absolutely superb job. It is a rarity when we can outline what we want and a company can come in and execute it to such a high standard without any intervention. We were absolutely delighted with the work that BlueSky Experiences delivered which achieved more in an afternoon than we could have done in two weeks on our own.

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