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Global Team Development

Bespoke Team Building and Development for a Global Team



Celine Gilart leads a global Social Impact Team at Twinings, with half based outside the UK. The team have been together for a relatively short time, with half of the team being based outside the UK. The team recently participated in Team Development activities from Go Ape facilitated by David Bradley from BlueSky Experiences.

The Brief

To enhance Celine’s strong Leadership Behaviours she was keen to enable her colleagues to appreciate the diversity of personalities and cultures within the team and their customers. How would these diversities influence how the team made decisions, planned their strategies and interacted with each other?

The Go Ape & BlueSky Approach

By removing individuals from their comfort zones we are able to experience, understand and appreciate the full range of personality behaviours. Our facilitated exercises enable individuals and team to reflect on observed behaviours and consider the impact they have on each other. Of course, we also promote the concept of learning through fun! 

The event started with an exploration of Perception and a simple model to identify a variety of Personalities. Do we prefer to gather energy by being with others or recharge our internal batteries in solitude? When it comes to decision making, does the Head or the Heart rule? The team were keen to explore the personalities of their customers and other stakeholders to enable them to improve communication.

The team were rightly proud of their achievements on the Go Ape high ropes activities. Throughout these events decisions had to be made about how to plan; was there an ‘attraction for speedy action’ or would improved results be achieved from a more structured and considered approach. An understandable degree of wariness and respect for working together at heights meant support and encouragement were required. High levels of trust were developed to complete these challenges. BlueSky’s David Bradley helped the team review their achievements as everyone proudly basked in the glory of overcoming their concerns.

After a congratulatory lunch the team undertook a series of facilitated BlueSky exercises. 

  • 30/30 involves planning, team co-ordination, process improvement and individual commitment to achieving personal targets.
  • Blind Knot requires clear roles, patience and lots of practice. How will the team deal with success, or failure?
  • Plank Walk tests the team’s ability to adhere to rules and regulations under circumstances where communication can be tricky.
  • Lastly, the team completed Isotope, requiring concentration while working toward a common goal.



The facilitated reviews of learning from these BlueSky exercises highlighted the importance of Planning, Communication, Leadership and other Roles plus the ability to celebrate success or learn from failure.

The following Team Action Plan was produced to implement back in the workplace.

  • Planning Activities
  • Team Communication
  • Trust, Respect & Support
  • Appreciation of Diversity
  • Learning from Failure, Celebrate Success

With well deserved ‘pats on the back’ everyone departed proudly smiling.  

Everyone really enjoyed the Go Ape Team Building day, and it was a highlight from the week. I would really recommend it, not only as a fun thing, but to really push team members outside of their comfort zone and support each other through challenges.

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