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The exploration and production business of Centrica, Centrica Energy Upstream, was launched in January 2013 following the acquisition of Venture Production and Suncor's Trinidad and Tobago business. The third largest producer of gas on the UK continental shelf and had the most active exploration and appraisal drilling programme in 2010 with a great success rate. The business is also growing in the Netherlands, Norway and internationally with nearly 900 people employed across our regions.

The Brief

BlueSky Experiences were approached by Trevor Thomson, Head of Engineering & Operations at Centrica Upstream, to provide a Team Development Programme for his immediate team, with a number of focused objectives.

  1. To create an environment of challenge
  2. Undertake tasks that were out of their comfort zone
  3. Create an environment where everyone had to make a decision
  4. Keep a potentially tough crowd of engineers fully engaged

The required result for the programme was to have provided concrete learning for the individuals, as well as a new piece of knowledge for the team as a whole.

The Centrica Team Development Programme

Through a process of in-depth discussion and meeting with the client, BlueSky Experiences developed a 2-day programme to achieve the above objectives.

Day One concentrated on Personal Effectiveness using Insights Discovery. All the delegates were required to answer the Discovery evaluator prior to attending the programme.

Day Two concentrated on Team Effectiveness in conjunction with Teamscapes experiential learning activities.

The Insights Discovery session reminded individuals that everyone sees the word differently and that perception is reality. We then introduced the use of Insights colour energies to help participants understand each other's personalities and how this effects how they behave and communication with their colleagues. The colour energies are Fiery Red and Sunshine Yellow for extroverts, and Earth Green and Cool Blue for the introverts. Fun activities were also used to demonstrate the level of energies spread within the team.

Towards the end of Day 1 and on Day 2, we used Teamscapes activities Blockheads, Electric Fence, Block Exchange and Crossover, to compliment and reinforce - through experiential learning - the theory of the Insights session and delegates were then able to witness the behaviours discussed in the Insights session.

The power of this Team Development programme was that everyone was brought to the same level of understanding. They were then able to understand why they and their colleagues approached tasks in a certain way (and sometimes differently) and how to best adapt their communication styles to get the best results for the team.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days in a fantastic location with great company. Ultimately I wanted individuals to get an insight in to how their personality and behaviours impacted on those around them, and also for them to gain an appreciation about what makes their colleagues tick - we wanted to challenge ourselves to think about how we could behave and work differently in order to be a higher performing team. I feel we achieved all of that, and a little bit more as well. BlueSky listened to our needs and came up with a proposal to help us achieve our goals

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