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Amec is a focused supplier of consultancy, engineering and project management services to its customers in the world's oil & gas, mining, clean energy, environmental and infrastructure markets.

The Brief

BlueSky Experiences were approached by Dave Finlay, General Manager at Amec Aberdeen, to design and deliver a Team Development programme for the leadership team within the Facilities Engineering department. The brief for the Team Development session was to provide a platform to start the drive for more efficient teamwork and demonstrate the benefits of team working within this large department, addressing some key objectives to reach the vision of the Beyond Zero Culture.

The specific aims of the Team Development programme:

  1. To demonstrate the importance of teamwork across the whole department, breaking down silo-mentality and instilling a culture of 'seeing the big picture'.
  2. To achieve a greater understanding of the whole process and how important all components are within the process.
  3. To improve the process of knowledge sharing within and between teams ultimately leading to increased responsibility and ownership of team's specifications.
  4. Take time out to get to know each other, developing a better understanding of behaviours, leading to improved team work.

Dave Finlay's required result of the programme was to further develop the Beyond Zero Culture.

"Demonstrating the team's commitment to deliver excellence, managing our oil & gas customer's assets safely and delivering their projects on time and to budget, exceeding their expectations"

The Solution

Amec Facilities Engineers Team Development Programme at Maryculter House Hotel, Aberdeen.

Through a process of in-depth discussion and meetings with the client, BlueSky Experiences developed a one-day programme designed to achieve the business's objectives.

The morning session concentrated on Personal Effectiveness using Insights Discovery. Each of the delegates were required to answer the Discovery Evaluator prior to attending the programme.

The afternoon session concentrated on Team Effectiveness in conjunction with Teamscapes experiential learning activities.

The Insights Discovery session reminds individuals that everyone sees the world differently and that perception is reality. We then introduced the Insights Colour Energies to help make the pairing or people's attitudes, extroversion or introversion alongside the way that we make decisions, whether it be thinking and feeling, or sensing and intuition simpler to understand. With this knowledge, the team will be able to recognise these traits in each other and adapt their communication accordingly to be more effective. The Discovery tool also gives a team or organisation a common language, which is vital to successful development.

The afternoon session focused on the Team Effectiveness and the elements required to become a higher performing team. The Teamscapes activities that we used were Blockheads, Electric Fence and Crossover.

On completion of each task the team review their performance, capturing the learning before tackling the next challenge in a set of Team Laws. This process of Plan, Do, Review, helps the team become more aware of their weaknesses and what is required to help them develop their Team Effectiveness.

The final element of the day was the wrap-up session, where delegates commited to a set of personal and team actions on how they were going to move forward to deliver the Beyond Zero Culture.

The power of this team development programme is that it brings the team to the same level of understanding. They are then able to understand why they and their colleagues approached tasks in a certain way (and sometimes differently) and how best to adapt their communication styles to get the best results for the team.”

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