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Preparing for the future ....

Our Learning & Development programmes cover many, many topics, challenges and experiences. We also offer our services to a wealth of different organisations, from large blue-chip companies to small/medium size businesses, incentive agencies and educational organisations. Yes, we work with school pupils as well as adults, providing our unique experiential activities to help young people at integral moments during their progression into young adults.

At BlueSky, we have worked with primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and business schools. On these courses, we help young people develop their emotional awareness. For example, when working with pupils from P7 through to S2, we deliver a Personal Development Programme that introduces young people to the effects of change, reflecting and celebrating achievement, developing personal goals as well as fun energisers throughout.

Each module BlueSky introduces to young people helps build confidence and acts as a tool to prepare for adult life, both professionally and personally. 

An Educational Box…

While we are happy to deliver courses to young people in person either at our Perthshire BlueSky HQ or on location at a school, college or university, our BlueSky in a Box package can offer an alternative educational tool that can be used by teachers, lecturers and HR teams in-house. Many of the Box activities are transferable to an educational environment including:

  • Zoo Parade – to get moving and work as a team
  • Superheroes – to get to know each other better
  • Two Squared – to use logic and work together to achieve results


  • Support education organisations create a blended learning programme with experiential activities
  • Support schools and colleges achieve the Youth Development objectives
  • Add value to exisitng programmes and help save costs
  • Promote Team Working within the organisation and students


  • Help student development with in house capability
  • Provide cost effective team building activities
  • Experiential resource with on going, support and training
  • Engaging and interactive activities, promoting a wealth of learning
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