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  • Min 4 people
  • Max 100 people
  • Indoors
  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Team Fun
  • Problem Solving
  • Trust/Support

BlueSky in a Box-Ice Breakers

Your own Ice Breakers in a box?

As an experiential learning and team building provider, our team at BlueSky Experiences are market leaders at what we do – and we love it! Over and above our current offering, we wanted to add a new dimension to our clients conferences, team meetings and training programmes.

The result? BlueSky in a Box.

An eye catching, compact and easy to use chest, BlueSky in a Box holds equipment and instructions for 18 different activities – all to add value to the time you spend together as a team or whole organisation . This innovative new product is perfect for lots of scenarios:

  • As activities to help introduce work colleagues at a meeting.
  • Adding value to meetings, conferences and training sessions with fun activities
  • Ice-breakers and Energisers through a conference
  • Enabling organisations to deliver in-house team building sessions from 15 minutes to 3 hours in duration
  • The box can also look after at least 100 people at any one time


This innovative box has been designed to be interactive, engaging and very easy to use as all the activities and instructions are colour coordinated and easy to see on first glance. This layout allows the end client/organiser to pick up the activities and run without any training, as all the activities are self explanatory.

This box of Energizers and Ice Breakers will help meeting organisers add value and energy to their meetings, stimulating interaction, keeping the energy levels high, encouraging innovative thinking and helping embed the important messages of the meeting.

 “ 7 reasons why Energisers and Ice Breakers are useful in creating engagement in a meeting."

  • Fun- good work is fun, creating positive emotions – When people feel positive after a workshop they will take action.
  • Inner motivation- when we are happy, we are more motivated to make changes and flourish.
  • Teamwork on tasks will create better decision making in a business setting.
  • To extend delegates attention span-One way communication has to be limited to 20 minutes duration  or delegates will lose attention.
  • The brain learns through the creation of emotions- the brain needs emotional hooks to hang learning on, activities will provide the stimuli, so doing and touching create the emotions to help embed the learning.
  • Ownership, if we are involved in the making of a plan we will own it
  • Networking- we all want to make friends.

Therefore the use of interactive activities in meetings will create engagement- resulting in active learning and embedding the learning.

If you would like  any further information on this exciting new development from BlueSky Experiences please contact us on 01738 840 804 or email



  • Great fun keeping delegates engaged in the conference
  • Highlight quickly and effectively the value of team working
  • Improve the delegate experience in the meeting rooms


  • Adds value to the conference
  • Provides an additional revenue stream for the conference package
  • Demonstrates investment from the client and the venue
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