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BlueSky Plus- Team Building Activities at your finger tips!

As an experiential learning and team building provider, our team at BlueSky Experiences are market leaders at what we do. BlueSky Plus was born from our clients asking us to work with a small amount of time,  a small budget and yet still deliver high value for our clients and your teams.

It was becoming obvious to us that we could only provide this through releasing our knowledge to our clients and allowing you to run some of our favourite and impactful team activities, without us being present. This has been achieved through 2 years of research, design, prototyping and development, culminating in the BlueSky Plus licensed package

BlueSky Plus - is an innovative learning resource for organisations enabling these organisations to have more control of their conference support activities, support their trainers with an innovative new team building resource and refresh their in-house workshops for individuals and team development.

BlueSky Plus has can be easily split into three categories and offering:

BlueSky in a Box - An eye catching, compact and easy to use chest for indoor use within a corporate organisation or conference venue. Where all the puzzle containers are visible, making it very intuitive and easy to use as each activity and associated instruction card is visible.

BlueSky in a Bag - Again eye catching, colourful and yet robust outdoor version of above, containing all the same activities and instructions. The activities are contained in waterproof envelops, with laminated instruction cards ideal for use on picnic benches or grass areas. This kit can obviously be used indoors as well, as the activities are the same just a different storage style.

BlueSky Team Solutions - Developed by trainers for trainers this resource is extremely light weight and portable and contains versatile and multi-functional experiential learning based activities assisting the team trainer deliver impactful and thought provoking programmes. The Team Solutions activities will support multiple days of indoor and outdoor team working helping teams understand the attributes required in High Performing Teams. This resource can include 2 days of training with hands on experience and co facilitation to allow the trainer to fully get to know the value of the resource and associated instructions, de brief cards and presentation. This resource is also more bespoke in nature and  we can developed this in line with your specific requirements

“BlueSky in a Box is a very powerful and effective tool that offers a great deal of flexibility to trainers and internal teams.” – James England, Managing Director of BlueSky Experiences

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