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Posted: 01/08/16

If you haven’t heard about the latest global trend Pokémon Go, then we’re not sure where you’ve been in the last month. The augmented reality global phenomenon has seen the popular 90s video game create a virtual, Pokémon-filled world, capturing the imaginations of millions of people worldwide.

If you have, in fact, never heard of Pokémon Go, you surely haven’t missed the influx of people opting to walk their morning commute in order to ‘hatch’ those eggs that only do so after the user walks a certain amount of kilometres; or bumped into people in the street who are busy holding their phone in front of their face to see what Pokémon might be lurking around the corner - all in order to catch and gain precious points!

Pokémon Go has successfully managed to motivate and engage people to get outside and has been applauded by many on its ability to do so. It’s got everybody out of the house and in the streets being active and moving about; it’s also worked wonders for team building – with whole groups and online communities formed for people to work together trying to ‘catch ‘em all’… or try beat each other to it!

As specialists in team building, BlueSky Experience love that Pokémon Go has encouraged generations, both young and old, to get together to share the fun. Although we wouldn’t recommend a staff team building experience of Pokémon Go during the office lunch hour (as exciting as that sounds!) however we do offer tablet based treasure hunts. Our treasure hunts share a lot of virtues with Pokémon Go but go that extra mile to help your staff really get the most out of a virtual team building experience, promoting an active, fun and (often unintentionally) competitive break for your staff- perfect for breaking up one of those all day conferences. It provides the grounds for motivation, interaction and yes…lots of fresh air.

Like Pokémon Go, our interactive team building exercise can be tailored to any location -or venue in our case. You have to visit as many checkpoints as possible solving different challenges, finding clues and answering trivia questions. So you may not be out catching colourful little Pokémon but the idea is there; you will be out with your team, looking, finding, solving and having fun!

So what are you waiting for? Jump on this new trend in a way that suits your workplace and book onto one of our many treasure hunts. Where we can tailor your treasure hunt to you by conveying employer messages and use locations of your choice. We will also end with a classic BlueSky debrief and prize-giving…they certainly won’t do that in Pokémon Go!

Our new treasure hunts use Samsung Galaxy tablets- which are up to date and in line with the market leaders in the industry. Our treasure hunt options include. 

We have also already developed bespoke treasure hunts in some locations:

  • The Royal Mile Treasure Hunt
  • Edinburgh Zoo Treasure Hunt
  • The Gleneagles Challenge
  • Cameron House Challenge
  • Operation Crosswire in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Newcastle
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