The secret to great teamwork is embracing your differences

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Behavioural psychology could hold the key to unlocking your high impact team

Posted: 09/03/17

When you understand the science behind personality and behaviour, you can strengthen your own leadership style, improve workplace dynamics, and boost individual employee performance.

Teams that get along well tend to be made up of similar individuals, but getting along well doesn’t necessarily equal improved productivity or effectiveness. In fact, without challenge and diversity, your team is most likely to keep on producing the same old thing: when people think along the same lines as one another, their ideas will be similar, their approaches will be similar, and their outcome will be the same, again and again. In fact, the most creative, effective, and ultimately cohesive teams tend to be made up of a diverse mix of individuals who all understand what each brings to the table.

Using behavioural psychology to unpick your teammates’ or employees’ personality differences might sound extreme or even underhand, but when everybody has bought into the practice, the impact on your team productivity can be profound. All teams have the potential to perform more productively and become high impact groups. Understanding each team-member’s individual approach to learning, problem-solving, and communication enables the whole team to function as more than the sum of its parts, optimising team functioning and boosting overall output.

High impact teams come together when a complex array of conditions are aligned, from organisational attributes such as size, diversity and role clarity, to behavioural mechanisms including effective goal-setting, conflict management, and strong leadership. Rarely will high impact teams emerge on their own; they need some coaxing and coaching to reach their full potential. Often, even the smallest tweaks in communication and understanding can have a profound effect on team dynamics. Understanding your own behaviour patterns and communication style, and having insight into those of your teammates, has been shown to improve:

·         personal effectiveness

·         team development

·         leadership skills

·         relationships and communications

·         the communication of change

·         handling of pressure and developing resilience

·         motivating individuals and the team

·         introducing a feedback culture

·         developing coaching skills

At Bluesky, we believe that this understanding is the key to unlocking your team’s potential. Our experts have been delivering Insights Discovery programmes for the last ten years, helping individuals and teams understand how their behaviours impact the way they interact and work with others and improving team effectiveness for organisations around the country. To book onto our next Insights Discovery Open Day and learn more about the programmes, visit

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