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I'm a Celebrity Team Building

Posted: 31/05/18


We have developed a team building programme inspired by ITV's 'I'm a Celebrity...Get me out of here!'. This themed event incorporates BlueSky Experiences' Team Solutions and team challenges with a thrilling 'I'm a Celeb' twist. Groups will take on a series of Celebrity Challenges before coming together at the end of the ultimate collective challenge. The team with the best plan and tactics are likely to come out on top. Work on key team skills whilst engaging in an event that will provide excitement, exhilaration and adventure. 

Our Activities

  • Teams will take part in BlueSky Experiences' Team Solutions - Plank Walk, 30/30, Blind Knot and Isotope. These activities have been designed to replicate the behaviours that individuals and teams demonstrate in the working environment. This enables key learnings to be captured and taken back into the office. 
  • Teams will take part in physical and fun team challenges - Gladiator Duel, Sumo Wrestling, Tug O' War, The Water Challenge, to name but a few. These will promote competition, communication and draw on everyone's abilities and skills in the group. 
  • Final challenge as one team - The whole group will be brought together at the end for the ultimate challenge. You must travel on safe passage across the swamp. Cooperation and collaboration will be vital to success in this task. 
  • A fun adventure day for everyone regardless of age and physical ability in a competitive environment. 

The Rewards

  • You will take part in a broad range of activities and challenges. This ensures that your event is tailored to the needs of your team and the objectives of your day. 
  • Our challenges incorporate a mixture of mental, tactical and physical exercises. This ensures that everyone in your group will be fully involved. 
  • Your team will leave energised, exhilarated and rewarded. They will also be better equipped to take on challenges on their return to the office. 

Skills Developed

  • Communication 
  • Goal Orientation 
  • Joint Decision Making 
  • Cooperation & Teamwork 
  • Evaluation of Information 
  • Strategic Thinking 
  • Competitiveness & Collaboration 

"I'm a Celebrity was on the TV at the end of last year and the demand from clients has been constant for our version of this themed event. This demonstrates that there is a significant appetite from the business community looking to engage in this style of learning & development. The link between popular culture and team events makes for an easy sell to your team but also contributes to a memorable experience for all."

James England, Managing Director, BlueSky Experiences. 


For more information on how to book your I'm a Celebrity event email info@blueskyexperiences.com or call the office on 01738 840 804

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