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How often do you take the time to celebrate your team's or individual's success?

Posted: 04/12/17

Celebrating success is a valuable routine to get into with your staff. It boosts team morale and productivity, as well as giving your staff a reason to stay put. It promotes a workplace culture where people feel proud and inspired by each other, the job they do every day and how they contribute to a shared goal.

In her white paper, Branda Bence also discusses the importance celebrating success has on strengthening your personal leadership brand; which can make or break your success as a leader, and your company. Keeping teams motivated can only enhance personal growth, team growth and organisational growth.

Having delivered many events aimed at tackling this very topic, we’ve pulled together a quick guide highlighting the reasons why taking the time to celebrate success will bring you many benefits as an employer;


Instil confidence in your team which will promote members to broaden their skillset and give them the confidence to try new things.


When you inspire your staff, they will feel appreciated, motivated and want to continue to produce high quality work. It will also give them a chance to focus on their wins rather than their to-do list.


Celebrating success will allow you to reflect on team goals, giving you a chance to review and reflect on the work processes of the team. You can then plan and implement operation processes and work strategies to ensure maximum success in the future.


Taking time to celebrate allows you to bring the team together. It promotes a work place culture where colleagues can recognise their team’s successes which will strengthen inter-team relationships. When a team motivates each other, and start to work in unison towards common goals and successes this will only heighten productivity, whilst reinforcing collaboration.

We’ve had a look at some of the innovative ways companies have been celebrating team success. Harnessing a creative employee recognition programme, that reflects your organisational culture, can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. Promote your team to share success stories, reward risks as well as successes (even if they didn’t work out), or even grant an extra 15 minutes for lunch one day a week – what have you got to lose?


Celebrating success is one of the first steps to becoming a high performing team. We offer bespoke training programmes which incorporate communication activities, leadership effectiveness and collaborative programmes that can get you and your team celebrating everyone’s success. We also offer a range of incentive programmes, treat your team to Team Building Activities such as Highland Games, Team Pursuit, and many more…getting your staff out of the office and doing something fun.

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