BlueSky Experiences adopt Living Wage

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Posted: 09/05/16

We are delighted to announce that BlueSky Experiences has become the first Team Building company in the Scotland to adopt the Living Wage, which can pay employees significantly more than the UK minimum wage.

The Living Wage is a government-supported initiative which aims to provide a greater level of financial security for workers across the UK.

The current minimum wage is set at £6.50ph in the UK and the Living Wage promises to pay no less than £7.85ph. This is our pledge to our employees to help them afford the basic living costs in the UK, providing them with a greater level of financial security.

Our staff are our greatest asset. They deliver our events to the highest possible standard up and down the UK every week and we are very proud to be able to say that we pay them a fair price for their labour.

We are incredibly proud of this move and would urge our friends to adopt the Living Wage if they can.

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