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A New Transformational Leadership Tool Designed for Leaders of Change

Posted: 02/10/18

As a leader of change in any organisation, you will know that the fundamental factor to success is the ability adapt and learn through change; embracing it and using it as a mechanism to evolve and innovate.

For organisations to learn and change effectively, individuals must be willing, able and allowed to change. Sometimes, harnessing the interaction of these elements in any organisation can be challenging for many reasons.

BlueSky Experiences have been developing an exciting new transformational tool, in partnership with 101 Dimensions, that will allow leaders of change to measure the culture in your team and organisation, your approach to learning and your attitude to change.

We have limited spaces on our upcoming Open Days, which have been specifically designed for leaders of change and HR and L&D professionals and give you an insight in to this revolutionary new development tool.


The Open Days will focus on three key areas:

1) Diagnostic 

A pre-event questionnaire will be issued to enable you to identify where you are now. The results will be further explored through facilitated discussion and provision of anonymous examples. These are physically presented under twelve categories, identifying the strengths and development areas in your team and organisation. Experiential learning is then introduced to reveal any underlying issues and identify where you want to be.

2) Diametric 

To agree how you will get there through facilitated discussion.

3) Dialog

To review progress towards where you want to be.


Places are very limited, we would recommend signing up early to avoid disappointment.


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In partnership with 101 Dimensions.

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