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ThroneOpoly Team Building

Posted: 21/06/18


BlueSky Experiences introduces a brand-new team building programme inspired by HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’. This themed event incorporates BlueSky Experiences’ Team Solutions and team challenges with an electrifying ‘Game of Thrones’ twist. Based on the world-famous Monopoly game, step on to our bespoke ThroneOpoly board and encounter houses and flags, dragon cards, white walkers and gamble squares. Teams take part in a series of challenges to earn their gold coins and start claiming as much land on the board as possible. This is a highly charged and exhilarating team game that will have everyone interacting by the end of the day!

Our Activities

  • Teams take part in BlueSky Experiences’ Team Solutions – Plank Walk, 30/30, Blind Knot and Changing Places will be a few of the options. These activities have been designed to replicate the behaviours that individuals and teams demonstrate in the working environment. This enables key learnings to be captured and taken back into the office.
  • Teams take part in a range of physical and fun based challenges – Gladiator Duel, Tug O’ War, Farmers Dash, Archery & Air Rifle Shooting, to name a few choices.
  • Premier activity for large fun team building days especially when the objective is to allow a large team to interact and get to know each other.
  • This event format creates a highly charged and fun environment whilst requiring teams to work effectively in a very competitive manner. The game is fast, furious and action -packed!

Skills Developed

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Develop Negotiation Skills
  • Project & Group Working
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Relationship Development
  • Work effectively together in teams

The Rewards

  1. Teams must think strategically, use initiative, practice time management and negotiating skills to capitalise on every opportunity.
  2. The format of this game allows everyone in the team to interact with each other in a number of scenarios and challenges throughout the game.
  3. This game creates a tremendous amount of fun and demonstrates the importance of effective team work.
  4. A fantastic team morale and confidence booster

"New, interactive, inclusive and most importantly fun are the key elements that help make a team day out so memorable. If you don’t have to explain the team day out in detail prior to the event, due to its link with a popular TV show, half the battle has been won as an organiser with engaging your team with the day."

James England, Managing Director, BlueSky Experiences.

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