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We believe in the value of being open and honest.  We have a mentoring culture, highlighting the importance of giving and receiving feedback which creates a great atmosphere where employees feel empowered and problems can be tackled head on.


We are committed to equality, respecting the rights and decisions of our clients and each other.  #We work hard to ensure that our events are inclusive to people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities.


We strive to motivate and inspire each other to try new experiences and reach new heights both at work and in our personal lives.  We like to communicate this to our clients and when they leave a BlueSky event, they take some of our infectious enthusiasm with them.


In all of our interactions, we are sensitive to each other's needs, always making time to look after each other whether it's making a cuppa or working through any issues that may arise together.


A big part of what makes a team strong and effective is trust.  We nurture this requirement by being consistent with our clients and each other.  We are dependable and trust each other to keep our promises, maintaining strong working relationships.


Passion is integral to our success.  In our planning, preparation and delivery, we are hugely passionate, always going the extra mile (sometimes literally!) to get the job done.

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