Trust Building


Of the elements that make up a high-performing team, few are as important as trust. When trust is present the team will approach a task collectively, freely sharing knowledge and displaying a strong team spirit. Trust is a very difficult element of team work to measure, however we have many different Trust and Support Team Solutions that will create an environment requiring team members to trust and support one another. 


Trust Zone

Our Trust Zone activities create situations where team members need to place their trust in each other in order to complete tasks & challenges

Timings: 30mins - 3hrs

Group Sizes: 6 upwards


Raft Building

One of our best-loved activities, Raft Building incorporates Trust as teams must rely on each other to build rafts that will transport them safely over our pond.

Timings: Up to 3hrs

Group Sizes: 10 - 40


Low Ropes

Our low ropes course is where it all started for BlueSky. Traditional, fun team activities that put Trust at the heart of all activities.

Timings: 30mins - 3hrs

Group Sizes: 6 - 40

Team members can learn more about their colleagues in a day than ever possible in the workplace. From learning that we are all different, an open and honest discussion will be stimulated so that this feeling of 100% team work in the success of the activities is not lost and the learning are captured for implementation on returning to work.  

With this in mind, we have created a series of activities that focus on the trust between team members.  As participants work through our activities, they must place their trust in one another in order to complete tasks and succeed on the challenges.

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