Problem Solving


We have a number of team working activities that focus on the importance of problem solving and brainstorming as a team and these can be incorporated into a Team Solutions programme. Whilst individuals and teams are working on the projects the importance of brainstorming as a team will be highlighted.



Our team working puzzles will challenge team’s problem solving skills, highlighting their natural behaviours and opening a discussion on how they can improve their performance in the workplace.

Timings: 45mins - 3hrs

Group Sizes: 4 upwards



Deadline is a project-orientated activity replicating a supply chain and logistics business scenario. The team must take control of a fashion brand's manufacturing process to fill an urgent order. Can they complete the activity before the deadline?

Timings: 90mins

Group Size: 10 - 150


Operation Crosswire

The Operation Crosswire is a fun-filled, challenging game that lets your employees get to know each other,think creatively and work as a team. 

Timings: 1 - 3hrs

Group Sizes: 8 - 200

After the event, the team’s actions will be reviewed and the facilitators will open discussions on how they can improve when they come to tackle their next challenge.

We would expect the following characteristics to be discussed through a facilitated team review

  • Was the environment throughout the brainstorming period conducive to encourage input from the whole team?
  • Was communication hectic or well structured?
  • Were team members encouraged or willing to share previous knowledge?
  • How long did we spend problem solving – too long or not long enough?
  • Did a plan arise from the session?
  • Did we follow the plan?

The team working activities below will allow participants to practice replicated workplace situations in fun and interactive environment.

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