The ability for a team to be innovative and use creative thinking is vital in today’s fast moving marketplace: standing still is simply not an option. However, how can you be sure that your team environment is conducive to creative thought and supportive of innovative ideas? 


The Big Picture

The Big Picture will create a relaxed, fun and creative environment where individuals and teams are given the freedom to innovate. A plan will have to be created for all the pieces to come together so the Big Picture can be revealed.

Timings: 2 - 3hrs

Group Sizes: 20 - 200


Culinary Challenge

The Culinary Challenge is one of our most popular team activities. Teams will be fully engaged, using innovative methods to tackle the activity's challenges.

Timings: 1 - 2hrs

Group Sizes: 8 - 60


The Apprentice

Based on the popular TV programme, the Apprentice rewards participants for thinking outside the box, being innovative and using their creative abilities. On top of all of this they are under pressure from the boss to get it right. 

Timings: 2 - 3hrs

Group Sizes: 8 - 100

Being innovative is not about becoming the next James Dyson, but about making time for consideration. For example, how effective are your team’s operating processes and procedures? How could a change in procedure help the team? How could we implement this change cost effectively and what would the expected result be? Many people are wary of change and therefore an innovative and collective communication plan will also be required to communicate this change.  

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