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BlueSky Experiences’ Team Solutions incorporate a wealth of knowledge in experiential learning and have been created to meet our customer’s requirements. Our team working activities are engaging and fun and will assist your team in understanding how they interact with each other whilst working on tasks under pressure. Our programmes replicate the team behaviours in a safe environment where teams feel the freedom to think creatively, learn from the experience and most importantly are facilitated to capture the learning to be implement back in the workplace.



Our programmes are designed to replicate the behaviours that individuals and teams demonstrate in the working environment. These programmes create a safe and relaxed environment enabling the learnings to be captured through a process of facilitated discussion.

As they work through the tasks, participants will find themselves behaving in certain way. Our facilitators will demonstrate the system of “Plan, Do, Review” to show individuals and teams how they can work more effectively in the future and embed these learnings back in the workplace.


These programmes carry many benefits which can be implemented in the workplace to dramatically improve the performance of individuals and teams. Some common themes that we see teams wishing to implement straight away will be commitments to

  • Increase the frequency of face to face interaction
  • Use the phone rather than emails wherever possible
  • Reduce distribution email lists
  • Make time for planning
  • Take time out to review progress
  • Celebrate success
  • Spend more time socially as a team

These actions will help to create a more highly performing team, collaborative in their approach, sharing knowledge and supporting each other in the workplace.

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