Leadership Journey


Effective leaders must have the ability to engage hearts and minds and be able to build strong, successful and productive relationships with the people they manage.

The Leadership Journey is the next step for managers and leaders who would like to continue their Insights Discovery® journey with a focus on leadership and motivating their people.

Our programme

Our Programme explores the traits of great leaders and how the Insights® Colour energies contribute to leadership in unique ways. Participants gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for their own preferences and how they impact their leadership style on their ‘good and bad’ days.

The programme will explore the Management Chapter of the Insights Discovery profile revisited to highlight the importance of both leading others and being led in the way that best suits and motivates the individual.


  • Explore your Leadership Effectiveness
  • Traits of Great Leaders
  • The Four Colour Energies in Leadership
  • The Flip Side of Leadership
  • The Four Manifestations of Leadership
  • Motivating and Influencing the Colour Energies and the Eight Types
  • Adapting your Leadership Approach
  • Working with the Discovery Profile Management Chapter
  • Committing to Action
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