Insights Discovery


Insights Discovery is a simple but highly effective tool which allows you to gain a deeper insight into yourself and your colleagues.

As you go through the programme, you will uncover the meanings behind behaviours and learn more about your personal preferences and how to communicate more effectively with your colleagues. You will learn to connect and adapt with others in new ways, forming stronger working and personal relationships.

How it works

Insights Discovery is based on a simple four-colour model used to understand individual’s unique preferences. Participants are asked to fill out a short, online evaluator which we use to generate a 20 page personality profile which will be used throughout the Insights Discovery session.

Taking inspiration from the work of Carl Jung, the programme is continually updated by the Insights research team to ensure the data is always accurate, up-to-date and useful for it’s purpose.

The Insights Discovery Profile

Your Insights Discovery Personal Profile will be completely unique to you, based on the answers you give in the online evaluator.

The profile automatically includes a Foundation Chapter, which holds information about the individual's personal style & approach as well as their strengths and weaknesses, value to the team, communication style and possible blind spots, opposite types and suggestions for development.

Based on your requirements, your profile can also contain any of the following chapters:

  • Management Chapter: Valuable for any Leadership or Management Development programme. Focuses on the individual's management style, the needs of those they manage and preferred style of leadership.
  • Personal Achievement Chapter: Explains how the individual can grow and improve in specific areas of personal achievement. This is an integral chapter in a Personal Effectiveness or Coaching programme.
  • Effective Selling: Explores the individual's approach to selling at each stage of the sales process. Essential as part of a relationship selling programme.
  • Interview Chapter: This one-page supplement focuses on increasing self-awareness in order to perform more effectively in interview situations.
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